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All of the original funding for Neighborhood LIFT has been committed or expended, as shown by the zero on the counter at the op of this page. If any active commitments expire, funds will become available on a first come, first served basis and the counter will tick up to 1. Please check the page frequently, as there is no waitlist, nor a way to predict when funds may become available.

To Apply:

• Create an account via “Sign Up Now”
• Indicate “Interested in LIFT” and preferably, “Consent to Electronic Communication”
• UPLOAD the Purchase Contract and Pre-Approval in the “My Documents” section.  Avenue CDC .

Purchase Contract must be signed by both the seller and the buyer, and must be on an eligible property (search the property address through the Tax Assessor’s office , the tax bill must show “City of Houston” as one of the Taxing Jurisdictions.
Pre-Approval must have been issued in the last 90 days and be from an approved lender (see list -> “Approved Lender List”)

• Complete the “LIFT Quiz”
• Complete the “LIFT Form”• Avenue will then reach out to you about next steps.
• **Only after completing these steps, and we have verified your valid purchase contract and pre-approval, can we “temporarily hold” LIFT funds for you. You will still have to schedule and complete an Eligibility Determination Session first, to determine eligibility for funding.  Avenue CDC .  Avenue CDC .

With you every step of the way, on your favorite device.

Your time is valuable.  Avenue CDC Compass allows you to schedule classes and appointments, share documents, answer burning questions and inquire about services we offer, all at the tip of your fingers! You’ll be able to see how much you can afford as well as where you are in the home purchase process. With  Avenue CDC Compass you’re  securely connected to a team of home-purchase specialists who will work with you on your home-buying goals – wherever you are, whenever you want.
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